Syfy builds High Castle

The literary works of author Philip K Dick have graced the movie screen on many occasions, most notably Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? (Blade Runner), We Can Remember It For You Wholesale (Total Recall) and short story The Minority Report (Minority Report).

Now US cable network Syfy has tied up a deal to broadcast a four-hour miniseries based on his novel The Man in the High Castle.

Frank Spotnitz (The X-Files, Hunted) is attached to write and executive produce the series, which will be produced by Ridley Scott’s Scott Free Productions, Stewart McKinnon’s Headline Pictures, Electric Shepherd Productions and FremantleMedia International.

The story is set in a world where Nazi Germany and Japan won World War Two, when in 1962, the US is occupied under fascism and the surviving Jews hide behind false identities.

International rights to the miniseries will be held by FremantleMedia International, which is also working with Headline Pictures, Scott Free Productions and Mark Sennett Entertainment on development for motor racing drama The Drivers. It has also penned partnerships with writer/producer Marshall Herskovitz to develop non-fiction book Hinterland; and with Pukeko Pictures and writer Craig Pearce to adapt bestselling book The Maid.

Source: Syfy/Futon Critic