Globo TV telenovela travels to Ecuador and Uruguay

It’s the story of a promising tennis player who, after a tragic accident, falls into a coma and upon awaking five years later must find her feet in a world she no longer recognises.

And it will soon be airing in Ecuador and Uruguay after the telenovela, entitled The Life We Lead (aka A Vida da Gent, 70×45’), was sold by the distribution arm of Brazilian broadcaster Globo TV.

The Life We Lead (aka A Vida da Gent)

The Life We Lead (aka A Vida da Gent)

Globo TV International has secured deals for the series with Ecuavisa in Ecuador and Teledoce in Uruguay, and both networks are expected to screen it this year.

It was written by Lícia Manzo, directed by Jayme Monjardim and stars Fernanda Vasconcellos.

Teledoce has a history of picking up Globo TV telenovelas and is currently airing The Enchanted Tale and Looks and Essence.

Ecuavisa has also acquired Looks and Essence.

Source: Globo TV International