BBC and Discovery film The Whale

The BBC and Discovery have ordered a one-off film based on the events that inspired the classic novel Moby Dick.

The Whale (1×90′) follows the ill-fated voyage of The Essex through the eyes of the 14-year-old cabin boy, Thomas Nickerson, who was one of only eight survivors of the shipwreck.

Before he died in 1883, aged 78, Nickerson wrote a detailed account of his experiences, which will form the basis of The Whale’s chronology, geography, characters, and main events; and also inspired Herman Melville to write Moby Dick.

Robin Hood’s Jonas Armstrong will star in the film, written by Terry Cafolla and produced by BBC Factual Productions.

Jonas Armstrong

Jonas Armstrong

The Whale is executive produced by Eamon Hardy and Ruth Caleb, alongside producers Mike Dormer and John Chapman.

It will air on BBC One and Discovery Channel.

Source: BBC