MundoFox takes The Bridge

Spanish-language US network MundoFox has unveiled its new schedule for 2013/14, featuring telenovelas from co-owner RCN Television in Colombia and the US remake of Danish/Swedish crime drama The Bridge.



The projects imported from RCN include:

La Maldicion del Paraiso (aka Heaven’s Curse), about a woman who is trapped in a love triangle between two brothers, not knowing that she is repeating her mother’s tragic destiny.

Hilo de Sangre Azul (aka Trails of Blue Blood), a mystery about the death of a well-known executive in an elite neighborhood that will reveal the disturbing secrets of its residents.

Alias el Mexicano (aka AKA The Mexican), about the only one man in Colombia managed to generate more fear than Pablo Escobar – Gonzalo Rodriguez Gacha – who was known as El Mexicano.

El Laberinto de Alicia (aka Alicia’s Labrynth), in which the lives of a group of students and their parents take a turn when the school’s psychologist suspects the kids could be in danger of falling prey to a paedophile.

El Estilista (aka The Stylist) – A man held captive by the Colombian guerrilla plots to gain the trust of the camp commanders by becoming their hair stylist.

Comando Elite (aka Command Elite), about the men who hunt down the most dangerous criminals.

En la Boca del Lobo (aka In the Wolf’s Mouth), which tells the story of an insider who agrees to help eliminate Pablo Escobar.

Dr Mata, about a lawyer no-one dares to question until a maid is convinced he is responsible for the sudden disappearance of one of his clients who is her adored boss and lover.

El Capo 3, the third season of the series about a drug lord who this time attempts to dismantle the worldwide drug empire he helped to create.

Cafe con Aroma de Mujer, the remake of the landmark drama created by Betty La Fea creator Fernando Gaitan.

MundoFox will also air:

Amor Con Angel (aka Angel of Love), a romantic comedy produced by Sony Pictures Television about a young woman who finds comfort in old films when her parents pass away.

El Capitan (aka The Captain), an adventure series about Mexican-born Carlos Camacho Espiritu who built the country’s national wildlife park African Safari. It is produced by FoxTelecolombia and stars Humberto Zurita.

Elsewhere, MundoFox has added to its schedule The Bridge, which stars Demian Bichir and Diane Kruger in the FX remake of the Danish/Swedish crime drama about two detectives working together to hunt down a serial killer who travels between the US and Mexican border.

The Bridge US

The Bridge US

MundoFox – a joint venture between Fox International Channels, News Corporation and Latin American network RCN.

Source: MundoFox / PR Newswire