NBC takes another bite of Hannibal

US broadcast network NBC has ordered a second season of Hannibal.



The drama, based on the characters from Thomas Harris’ novel Red Dragon, was first developed by Bryan Fuller and debuted in the US on April 4.

It stars Hugh Dancy as an expert criminal profiler who can peer into the minds of serial killers, with Mads Mikkelsen as Dr Hannibal Lecter, a psychiatrist helping him with his cases and a secret serial killer himself.

The network has now ordered a second, 13-part season, which it says will air no earlier than midseason 2013/14.

Hannibal is produced by Gaumont International Television in association with Sony Pictures Television Networks.

The series is also produced by Dino De Laurentiis Company and Living Dead Guy Productions.

Fuller, Martha De Laurentiis, Stephen Lightfoot, Katie O’Connell, Elisa Roth, Sidonie Dumas and Christophe Riandee are all executive producers.

Source: NBC