Antena 3 checks out of Gran Hotel

It’s the period drama that was dubbed Spain’s Downton Abbey.

But Antena 3 is checking out of Gran Hotel after cancelling the series after its third season.

Gran Hotel

Gran Hotel

The show, which is produced by Bambú Producciones and stars Amaia Salamanca, Jon González and Concha Velasco, will come to an end next June.

The first season, set in 1905, followed a young man investigating the mysterious disappearance of his sister who was working as head chambermaid at the Gran Hotel.

Sky Arts in the UK previously picked up season one of the drama.

Source: Telecinco

  • Andy

    Why are they cancelling this show? It is just as good as Downton Abbey. I think they are making a mistake. It is well acted and the storyline keeps my interest. I hope someone else picks it up produces another season.