Brazil’s Dinosaurs & Robots travel the world

Brazilian telenovela Dinosaurs & Robots (aka Morde e Assopra, 125×45′) will find new viewers across Latin America and Europe after it was sold by Globo TV International.

Dinosaurs & Robots

Dinosaurs & Robots

Teledoce in Uruguay, ATV in Peru, Cerro Corá in Paraguay, TeleAntillas in the Dominican Republic, Canal 2 in Nicaragua and SIC in Portugal have all bought the series, which was partly recorded in Japan where the story begins.
The story follows a paleontologist hoping to find fossils on a farmer’s plantation, causing huge conflict, and a scientist who hopes to build a robot in the image of his wife who disappeared after an accident.

The cast of Dinosaurs & Robots, written by Walcyr Carrasco, includes Caio Blat, Cissa Gimarães, Bárbara Paz, Nívea Stelmann, Vanessa Giacomo, Ary Fontoura and Paulo José.

Source: Globo TV International