TeamWorx onboard Hannelore Kohl biopic

German production company TeamWorx will coproduce a two-part biopic about the life of Hannelore Kohl, the wife of former German chancellor Helmut Kohl.

Commissioned by regional German broadcasters NDR and SWR and written by Raymond Ley, Hannelore Kohl: Frau im Shatten (aka Woman in the Shadows) will follow the life of a woman who behind one of the most powerful men in German history.

The two-part movie is based on the biography Hennelore Kohl: Ihr Leben (aka Your Life), by Dona Kujacinski and Peter Kohl, and recounts her birth in Berlin in 1933, her marriage in 1960 and her apparent suicide in 2001.

Hannelore Kohl: Irh Leben

Hannelore Kohl: Irh Leben

A cast has yet to be confirmed, though the first part is expected to air in 2015.

Hannelore Kohl: Frau im Shatten is produced by TeamWorx in coproduction with NDR and SWR, with producers Benjamin Benedict and Nico Hofmann.

NDR has previously partnered with writer-director Ley on Eine mörderische Entscheidung (aka A murderous decision), about the bombing of two fuel tankers in Afghanistan, which will air on Das Erste on September 4 and on Arte on August 30.

Source: TeamWorx