Syfy developing graphic novel miniseries

Two graphic novels are in development as miniseries for US cable network Syfy.



Pax Romana, by Jonathan Hickman, is about a Special Forces team that travels back in time on the eve of World War Three to “fix” the future by altering the past. Their destination is Ancient Rome, where Roman legions will battle modern-day attack helicopters, tanks and soldiers.

The writers are Matthew Federman and Stephen Scaia, who are executive producing with David Alpert of Circle of Confusion. Hickman is a co-executive producer. It is produced by Universal Cable Productions.

Ronin, from Frank Miller, is set eight centuries after a Japanese Ronin samurai failed to protect his master from a demon. He awakens in a futuristic, nihilistic New York in the body of Billy, a medical experiment. Now Billy/Ronin is chasing the demon, which has also reawakened. Both parties want control of a sword with magical properties and will stop at nothing to get it back.

It is in development with Warner Horizon Television.