Norwegian dramas land funding

Three dramas have won financial support from the Norwegian Film Institute, including the story of a doctor who treats patients who cannot go to hospital.

Valkyrien (8×45′), produced by Tordenfilm for NRK, is set at Doctor Ravn’s illegal clinic where he looks after criminals and other patients who cannot, or will not, go to an ordinary hospital.

It is produced by Eric Vogel and Nina B Andersson, and written by Erik Richter Strand and Thomas Seeberg Torjussen. It received €1.15million in support.



Nobel is about a Norwegian soldier who, after serving in Afghanistan, takes the war home with him. The day after his return, he stabs an Afghan man in the street, apparently to save a woman’s life, but his actions will have consequences across the political spectrum.

The 8×45′ series for NRK is from Mette Bølstad and Stephen Uhlander, and directed by Per Olav Sørensen. Håkon Briseid produces for Monster Scripted. It received €1.35m in support.

The Third Eye 2 (aka Det tredje øyet 2), produced by Rubicon TV, is the second season of the supernatural thriller. The 10×45′ show sees police investigator Viggo Lust now working on drug dealing in Oslo and its links to the European underworld.

Anne Kolbjørnsen and Pål Kruke Kristiansen produce for TV2, with Ole Marius Araldsen, Axel Hellstenius and Gunnar Vikene writing the script. The project received €400,000 in support from the Norwegian Film Institute.