Mammon gets Czech translation

Filming has begun on Czech and Polish versions of Norwegian crime drama Mammon.



The story follows a journalist who is working on an important story regarding a significant state company. While securing background information for the report he stumbles upon controversial information regarding his own brother, who happens to be involved in this scandal.

Mamon, as it will be known in the Czech Republic, is a six-part series being produced by Bionaut Films for HBO Česká republika.

The cast will include Matej Hadek and Eva Leimberger.

In Poland, the series, called Pakt (aka The Pact), stars Marcin Dorociński.

The producers are Izabela Łopuch and Anna Nagler for HBO Polska, and Johnathan Young for HBO Europe. The executive producers are Anna Kępińska and Maciej Kubicki from Telemark.

Shooting for Pakt will continue until mid-July. The series will be mainly shot on locations in  Warsaw. Its premiere on HBO Polska has been scheduled for this fall.