Japan hires The Last Cop

A landmark deal in Japan will see a local remake of German crime drama The Last Cop.

Nippon TV has acquired remake rights to the series, which has been commissioned by Hulu.

The production will be the first original drama ordered by Hulu in Japan, and it will air on both Hulu and Nippon TV this summer.

The Last Cop

The Last Cop

The Japanese remake sees Toshiaki Karasawa play Kyogoku, a detective who falls into a coma for 30 years after suffering an accident while pursuing the vicious criminal Kagura.

Kyogoku suddenly comes out of his coma in 2015, waking up to a modern world that has completely changed. The 21st Century comes as a huge shock, with attitudes having changed and a bewildering array of scientific and technological developments having been made.

He returns to his job as a cop, only to find that his partner is the timid Ryota (Masataka Kubota). Kyogoku’s old-fashioned values and macho 1980’s attitude, plus his out-of-date investigation methods, mean that Ryota struggles to keep up with him.

And Kyogoku’s private life is even more complicated: his wife Kanako (Emi Wakui) is now remarried to Suzuki (Ichirota Miyakawa), who their daughter Yui (Nozomi Sasaki) thinks is her real father.

Hulu Japan has also picked up season one of the original German series, called Der letzte Bulle. It is produced by ITV Studios Germany for Sat.1.

There is also a remake in France, called Falco, and produced by Beaubourg Audiovisuel for TF1.

The Last Cop is distributed by Red Arrow International.