Rupert Everett suits up for The Musketeers

Rupert Everett and Matthew McNulty have been cast in the third season of BBC One’s swashbuckling adventure The Musketeers.

Rupert Everett in The Musketeers

Rupert Everett in The Musketeers

Everett will play Philippe Achille, Marquis de Feron, the corrupt Governor of Paris, Head of the Red Guard and illegitimate brother to Louis XIII.

McNulty portrays Lucien Grimaud, a money lender and vicious criminal who clawed his way out of poverty and neglect. Both men go up against the Musketeers and bring chaos and sedition to the monarchy and Paris.

The returning cast includes Luke Pasqualino as d’Artagnan, Tom Burke as Athos, Howard Charles as Porthos, Santiago Cabrera as Aramis, Hugo Speer as Captain Treville, Ryan Gage as King Louis, Alexandra Dowling as Queen Anne, and Tamla Kari as Constance.

The Musketeers is made by BBC Drama Production North and coproduced by distributor BBC Worldwide and BBC America. Jessica Pope is the executive producer, and Matthew Bird is producer.