AMC has the Making of the Mob

US cable network AMC is lining up a new docudrama about the historical roots of the original five families that led to the formation of the modern American Mafia.

Making of the Mob: New York

Making of the Mob: New York

Making of the Mob: New York begins in 1905 and spans move than 50 years to trace the rise of Charles “Lucky” Luciano, Meyer Lansky, Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel and other notorious gangsters from their beginnings as a neighborhood gang of teenagers to murderous entrepreneurs and bootleggers who organized the criminal underworld and turned it into an American institution.

The 8×60′ series, due to air in the second quarter of 2015, is produced by Stephen David Entertainment

The executive producers are by Stephen David, Eliot Goldberg, and Marco Bresaz.

Channel 4 counts 100 Days of UKIP

Channel 4 will imagine what might happen if UKIP won a General Election in a new docudrama.

Channel 4

Channel 4

100 Days of UKIP (working title), produced by Raw TV, will explore the effects of a UKIP win at the polls in May 2015.

It will mix together real-life archive with scripted drama to tell the story of how Britain adapts to a change in government policy and political outlook.

Richard Bond is the executive producer.

The single film will air in 2015.

Channel 4 takes on cyber bullying

Channel 4 has ordered a drama-doc called Cyber Bully (wt).

Channel 4

Channel 4

Maisie Williams will star as a teenage girl battling with her anonymous cyber-stalker in a real-time thriller from Raw TV.

The plot focuses on one character based in a single location, and has been inspired by dozens of real-life cases.

Richard Bond is the executive producer.

It is due to air in early 2015.

BBC unveils World War One season

Dramas will take centre stage when the BBC begins a season of programming to mark the centenary of World War One.

BBC's World War One season

BBC’s World War One season

The Ark, coming to BBC One, is about frontline medics. It stars Oona Chaplin, Hermione Norris and Kerry Fox.

The Passing Bells (previously The Great War), also for BBC One, tells the story of the war through the eyes of two ordinary men. It is written by Tony Jordan.

Three-part factual drama 37 Days, for BBC Two, retells the sequence of events that led to war. The cast includes Ian McDiarmid and Tim Pigott-Smith.

Meanwhile, BBC Three will air Our World War, another factual drama drawing on real stories of soldiers fighting 100 years ago.

TNT reheats Cold Justice

TNT in the US has commissioned a second season of docudrama Cold Justice.

Cold Justice

Cold Justice

The cable channel has ordered ten new episodes of the series, which is produced by Wolf Films and Magical Elves.

Cold Justice follows a former prosecutor and former crime scene investigator as they attempt to solve unsolved small-town murders.

Dick Wolf, Dan Cutforth, Jane Lipsitz and Tom Thayer are executive producers.

The first season will end later this month, with season two scheduled for early 2014.

BBC Three wants justice

BBC Three has ordered a one-off factual drama as part of its forthcoming Justice season.

BBC Three

BBC Three

My Man (1×60′, working title) is based on the murder of a 21-year-old woman by her boyfriend.

The film explores domestic abuse within teenage and young people’s relationships in line with recent research that reflects an increase in the reporting of domestic abuse in this age group.

My Man is a BBC in-house production executive produced by Darren Kemp, produced by Pier Wilkie and directed by Bruce Goodison.

Source: BBC

Channel 4 has Blackout

Channel 4 in the UK has commissioned a feature-length drama exploring what would happen if there was a cyber attack on Britain’s national electricity grid.



Blackout will combine real user-generated footage, fictional scenes, CCTV archive and news reports to plot the first five days immediately after a nationwide power cut experienced by a group of characters struggling to feed and protect themselves and their families.

Produced by Raw TV, the film is directed by Ben Chanan and executive produced by Richard Bond.

Blackout will be broadcast in September, 2013.

Source: Channel 4

Channel 4 goes into the Desert with PBS

Channel 4 in the UK and US public broadcaster PBS have co-commissioned a one-hour drama-documentary about the terrorist attack on the Amenas gas facility in Algeria.

Terror in the Desert (working title), produced by Nutopia, will tell the story of the terrorist siege through interviews with hostage survivors and their families, and reconstruction of key events during the four-day stand-off.

It will be directed by Bruce Goodison, whose credits include Our War, Bin Laden: Shoot to Kill and The Flight that Fought Back.

The executive producer for Nutopia is Nav Raman.

BBC Worldwide will distribute internationally.

Source: Channel 4