SIC grabs Globo TV bundle

Portugal’s SIC has picked up a number of series from Brazilian distributor Globo TV International.

Merciless, Doomed, and The Hunter have all been acquired, with the latter due to lauch on March 21 as part of a new Saturday primetime slot dedicated to fiction.

Dupla Identidade (Merciless, 10×60′) tells the story of serial killer Edu (Bruno Gagliasso), a handsome, intelligent man who kills for the pleasure of it. Written by Glória Perez, it also stars Débora Falabella.

Dupla Identidade

Dupla Identidade

Amores Roubados (Doomed, 8×60′) is about Leandro, a sommelier, who is bold with married women and cautious with their husbands, until he is surprised by young and fearless Antônia. The cast includes Cauã Raymond, and Isis Valverde, and the writer is George Moura.

O Caçador (The Hunter, 13×60′) – written by Fernando Bonassi, Marçal Aquino and José Alvarenga – is about André (Cauã Raymond), a cop who is arrested after his own father wrongly accused him of being involved in a kidnapping. Once released from jail, he is driven by one single goal: finding clues to prove his innocence.

O Caçador

O Caçador

SIC has also picked up O Canto da Sereia (Siren’s Song, 4×45′), written by George Moura and Patrícia Andrade. It is the story of Sereia (Isis Valverde), considered the queen of pop music, who lives in a world where fame and wealth are interwoven with feelings of envy and hatred. Her murder in the middle of Carnival shocks the country and the hunt for the criminal reveals a new suspect every day.

O Canto da Sereia

O Canto da Sereia

SIC has a long partnership with Globo. Previous acquisitions include Brazil Avenue, Looks & Essence, and Gabriela.

Israel’s Viva follows Trail of Lies

Brazilian drama Amor à Vida (aka Trail of Lies) has found a home in Israel.

Amor à Vida

Amor à Vida

Pay TV network Viva, which airs only Latin American telenovelas, has acquired the series from Globo TV International.

With a story full of intrigue, jealousy, romance, and revenge, Trail of Lies follows a woman whose newborn baby is kidnapped by her own brother, who plans to become the sole heir to his family’s fortune.

It is written by Walcyr Carrasco and stars Paolla Oliveira, Mateus Solano, Malvino Salvador, Antônio Fagundes, Susana Vieira, José Wilker, and Elizabeth Savalla.

The Globo TV telenovela (160×60′) has previously aired on SIC in Portugal, and been licensed to ITVN in Poland, Public TV in Armenia, MundoFox in the US, Soico in Mozabique, RCN in Colombia, Telefe in Argentina, and Azteca in Mexico.

Uruguay’s Teledoce picks Precious Pearl

Brazilian telenovela Precious Pearl (aka Joia Rara) will debut this month in Uruguay.

Teledoce has acquired the 110×60′ series – a love story between a factory worker and a millionaire, from Globo TV International ahead of its January 26 launch.

The story, set between the 1930s and 1940s, follows factory worker Amélia (Bianca Bin) and millionaire Franz (Bruno Gagliasso), and their daughter Pérola (Mel Maia). The young girl is blessed with a special gift, which allows her to settle any conflicts that may disrupt her parents’ love for each other.

It was written by Duca Rachid and Thelma Guede.

Precious Pearl

Precious Pearl

TVN goes Brazilian with miniseries

Polish network TVN has acquired two miniseries from Brazil’s Globo TV International.

Xingu is the true story of the Villas Bôas brothers, Claudio, Orlando and Leonardo, who fought for the rights of Brazilian Indians and their culture. The four-part series, from O2 Filmes, is produced by director Fernando Meirelles.



Bald Mountain (aka Serra Pelada), also made up of four episodes, is about Juliano and Joaquim arriving in the Amazon forest filled with dreams and illusions, like many others before them. But their obsession with wealth and power ultimately becomes their downfall. Juliano becomes a gangster and Joaquim abandons his values and principles.

It is produced by Paranoid, and Lynx Films, and coproduced by Globo Filmes and Warner Bros. The director is Heitor Dhalia.

Bald Mountain

Bald Mountain

SBS sings Siren’s Song

Brazilian miniseries Siren’s Song (aka O Canto da Sereia) is heading to Australia.

Siren's Song

Siren’s Song

SBS has acquired the series (4×45′), which will air with English subtitles, from Globo TV International.

The Globo TV series tells the story of Siren (Ísis Valverde), considered the queen of pop music, whose murder in the middle of Carnival shocks the country and the hunt for the criminal reveals a new suspect every day.

It is based on the novel O Canto da Sereia – Um Noir Baiano by Nelson Motta, and is written by George Moura and Patrícia Andrade.

Brave Woman heads overseas

Broadcasters in Uruguay, Chile, Angola and Mozambique have landed rights to Brazilian telenovela Brave Woman (aka Salve Jorge).

Brave Woman

Brave Woman

Teledoce in Uruguay, Canal 13 in Chile, TPA1 in Angola and STV in Mozambique have acquired the series from distributor Globo TV International.

Written by Glória Perez, Brave Woman (140×45′) tells the story of Morena (Nanda Costa), who receives an offer of work in Turkey but on arrival, discovers she is the victim of an international human trafficking gang.

It first aired in Brazil on Globo TV in October 2012.

Pasiones makes Brazilian signings

Pasiones in the US has bought two Brazilian dramas from Globo TV International.

The Cariocas (aka As Cariocas, 10×25′) tells ten individual stories of ten modern-day women, set against the backdrop of Rio de Janeiro, featuring Paolla Oliveira, Adriana Esteves and Sônia Braga.

It is written by Euclydes Marinho and directed by Daniel Filho.

The Cariocas

The Cariocas

The series led to The Brazilians – The Women (aka As Brasileiras, 14×30′), which covers the diversity of Brazil and its muses. It is a coproduction between TV Globo and Lereby, again from writer Marinho and director Filho. The cast includes Juliana Paes, Giovanna Antonelli, GlóriaPires, Xuxa and Bahia Ivete Sangalo.

The Brazilians - The Women

The Brazilians – The Women

Both shows will be dubbed into Spanish for their US transmission.

El Salvador walks along Brazil Avenue

Channel 2 in El Salvador has picked up Brazilian telenovela Brazil Avenue.

The series, which tells the story of a woman struggling to reclaim her life from her wicked stepmother, will debut on the Telecorporación Salvadoreña-owned network on January 6.

Sister network Channel 4 is currently airing The Life We Lead and Sparkling Girls, which like Brazil Avenue are from Globo TV and its distribution arm, Globo TV International.

Brazil Avenue was created by João Emanuel Carneiro.

Brazil Avenue

Brazil Avenue

Globo TV’s Girls sparkle in Costa Rica

A network in Costa Rica has picked up Brazilian telenovela Sparkling Girls.

The Globo TV series will debut on Teletica in January after the broadcaster acquired it in a deal with Globo TV International.

Sparkling Girls

Sparkling Girls

The story follows three housekeepers – Taís Araújo, Leandra Leal and Isabelle Drummond – who are transformed into a successful singing trio.

Sparkling Girls has previously been licensed to NEXtv in Panama, STV in Mozambique, Ecuavisa in Ecuador and Canal 4 in El Salvador.